The Way Forward

Community Choice Energy Basics

Community Choice Energy allows one or more cities and/or counties to form a service area that provides for the purchase of power generation of customers within that service area. Transmission, distribution, customer service and billing remain the same, and are delivered through the existing utility (PG&E). Customers within this service area can opt out of participating in the Community Choice Energy Program and continue to receive their power generation services through the existing utility.

Forming a Community Choice Energy Program

1) Community Choice Energy Exploration & Advisory Committee (CEAC)

In February 2014, City Council Members and community leaders will begin monthly public meetings to explore the risks and benefits of a local Community Choice Energy Program, ask questions to be answered by state and local energy professionals, get community input, and commission a feasibility study that answers the questions and concerns presented at the CEAC meetings.

2) Designation of agency to oversee the creation of a Community Choice Energy Program Business Implementation Plan

3) Business Implementation Plan led with CPUC for approval

4) Cities and County vote to adopt the Community Choice Energy Program

5) Formation of a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) or designating an existing JPA
to oversee the implementation of a Community Choice Energy Program

6) Program Development


  • Request for Bids on Bulk Enery Contracts
  • Negotiation of Bulk Energy Contracts
  • Certication of contracts by CPUC
  • Program roll-out
  • Opt-out Notications sent to ratepayers 90 days prior to change in service.