Pledge to Help Fund the Feasibility Study

Dear SLO Clean Energy Supporter,


We are on the verge of creating a clean energy economy on the Central Coast.


Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) empowers our local communities with choice, market‐based competition and increased local benefits when it comes to electricity.


In 2014, we are launching a CCA Exploration Advisory Committee (CEAC) comprised of community leaders, business owners, elected officials, and public representatives. The CEAC will explore what a CCA would make possible for San Luis Obispo communities, and pursue a feasibility study to determine the risks and benefits of a local CCA program.


PLEDGE $1,000 toward the feasibility study


We are fundraising $50,000 in private donations to complete the feasibility study. We will present this pledged contribution to the CEAC in February 2014. The CEAC may choose to use your contributions toward the completion of the feasibility study, in which case your pledge will be fulfilled.


Please contact Mladen Bandov to help fund the feasibility study