How Community Choice Energy Works

Community Choice Energy allows one or more cities and/or counties to form a service area that provides for the purchase of power generation of customers within that service area. Transmission, distribution, customer service and billing remain the same, and are delivered through the existing utility (PG&E). Customers within this service area can opt out of participating in the Community Choice Energy Program and continue to receive their power generation services through the existing utility. AB117

Explore the CCA Model in-Depth:

California CCA Programs




Other Community Choice Energy Programs that are Developing in California

California Community Choice Energy Legislation

  • California State Assembly Bill AB117 – Community Choice Aggregation

Community Choice Energy Programs  Across the Nation

Six States have enabled Community Choice Energy

  • New Jersey
  • Massacheusetts
  • Rhoad Island
  • Illinois
  • Ohio
  • California

National CCA Resource