Free Public Workshop on Community Choice Aggregation

Free Public Workshop on Community Choice Aggregation


SLO Clean Energy will host a free public workshop on community choice aggregation (CCA). This Thursday October 24th at 6pm, the Communications Director from California’s first fully functioning CCA, Marin Clean Energy, will present their story. Marin Clean Energy was the first CCA in our state and nation to focus on local renewable growth. This successful program currently serve over 100,000 utility customers. More info about Marin Clean Energy, including current business and residential rates, their history, governance, certified financials, and energy portfolio can all be found on their website.


Jamie Tuckey will present California’s first operating CCA program: Marin Clean Energy. Focused on providing electricity customers with more choice for reneweable energy, Marin Clean Energy is a solid case study for the communities of San Luis Obispo.


Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is a market-based approach to energy that allows communities — a group of cities and counties, an individual city, or any combination — to pool together participating electricity customers for purchasing and generating power on their behalf.


CCA is an effective path toward resilient communities and local economic development. It provides long-term electrical rate stability, energy efficiency, leverage of electricity revenues for local projects, increased renewable energy use, and local jobs. CCA is an investment in community energy resources where benefits are retained by the local residential, agricultural, business and municipal ratepayers.

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