Community Choice Energy for Business

A San Luis Obispo regional program would offer competitive rates while investing the revenue into meeting the vision and values of our communities. Rate Savings, local buildout through energy efficiency, feed-in-tariffs, and municipal projects would all provide a local return on investment and at the same time build community resilience.


In California, Sonoma and Marin have functioning Community Choice Energy Programs that provide clear examples of what is possible.

Marin Clean Energy Commercial Rates:

The Board of Marin Energy Authority’s Community Choice Energy Program Marin Clean Energy directed their agency to set a baseline investment with 50% of generation contracts dedicated to renewable energy. Their commercial rates provide savings to business customers and help ensure long-term rate stability.




Sonoma Clean Power’s Commercial Rates:

Through public polling, Sonoma Clean Power decided to take a more conservative approach to renewable investment and focused on providing greater rate-savings to their customers. With 14 competitive bids from energy generation suppliers, SCP has been able to negotiate savings while providing 13% more investment into renewable sources over what is currently offered.


Stay up-to-date on the SCP program roll-out here on their website and through social media.

Cost Structure

Commercial, industrial and agricultural rates will be established with the same general structure as your existing rates. The advantage to a Community Choice Energy Program is that the rate-setting process is open to public input and  certified financial records are available online.


You will continue to receive one bill from PG&E. There will be a line item to show the charges for energy generation, transmission/distribution, and the usual taxes and program fees. PG&E will collect your payment and send the portion of the energy generation payment to the Community Choice Energy Program.


A Community Choice Energy Program would roll out service gradually in phases over several years. If you live or work in an unincorporated community or a participating city, you would be notified 90 days before service begins. If you would prefer to receive service from PG&E, several notices will be sent to you explaining how you can easily opt-out. If you live in a city or county that does not join the Community Choice Energy Program, your choices will be limited and you will not have the opportunity to enroll or opt-out.