By 2020, almost 18 Million Californians could have an Energy Choice. Will You?

On March 4th, SLO Clean Energy attended the Business of Local Energy Symposium in San Jose.  This event brought together hundreds of business and community leaders from across California to talk about how Community Choice is transforming California’s energy system and how to continue the growth and success.  Special thanks to Andy Pease for joining us on behalf of the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce.  A key message from the symposium was that “the combined population of areas with existing and about-to-launch programs, as well as large population areas considering Community Choice programs, is about 17.6 million.  If all of these had operational Community Choice programs by 2020, … then about 60 percent of eligible Californians would be able to select Community Choice.  This transformation would happen ten years from the time Marin Clean Energy went live.” Click here to learn more about which communities in California are pursing Community Choice.

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