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We Choose Local Clean Energy

Local Power • Local Investment • Local Jobs • Local Control • Local Self Reliance


The SLO City News features a front page article on SLO Clean Energy’s Study Session with the City of San Luis Obispo!

Both newly-appointed Vice-mayor Carlyn Christianson and Council member John Ashbaugh indicated a willingness to serve in the advancement of a CCA. Ashbaugh later related his recent experiences visiting hurricane flooded regions of the East Coast, commenting that what the members of SLO Clean Energy ask for are options that should have been pursued 20 years ago. -Camus Frank, SLO City News

City of San Luis Obispo Study Session

Come join SLO Clean Energy and the City Council on Tuesday Dec. 3rd at 6pm, as they consider looking into a local Community Choice Aggregation Program.

San Luis Obispo City Hall
990 Palm Street

Free Public Workshop. Thursday, October 24th, 6pm

San Luis Obispo Public Library
995 Palm Street

Public Workshop Flyer

SLO Clean Energy will host a free public workshop on community choice aggregation (CCA). This Thursday October 24th at 6pm, the Communications Director from California’s first fully functioning CCA, Marin Clean Energy, will present their story. Marin Clean Energy was the first CCA in our state and nation to focus on local renewable growth. This successful program currently serve over 100,000 utility customers. More info about Marin Clean Energy, including current business and residential rates, their history, governance, certified financials, and energy portfolio can all be found on their website.

Morro Bay City Council Passes a Resolution to Consider a CCA Feasibility Study

The Morro Bay City Council met on Tues. Sept 10 in consideration of Community Choice Aggregation. This does not mean that they support CCA, but that they see the benefits and possibilities of creating market choice in the energy generation market. Knowing what CCA has meant for other communities across the nation, Morro Bay is expressing the leadership we deserve by looking into Community Choice without spending valuable tax dollars. Mayor Jamie Irons was appointed to serve on the CCA Exploration Advisory Committee.

Sign up to be a “Friend of SLO Clean Energy” and write or call your elected official to tell them what you think.

World Wild Life Fund Offers CCA Grants to Cities

U.S. cities that participate are recognized for their efforts in spreading the global movement to create more sustainable, resilient cities and compete for the title of U.S. Earth Hour Capital as well as grants from WWF.

A Bright Energy Future for the Central Coast

The Tribune’s Feb. 27 2013 editorial contemplated a future without Diablo — using words like “grim” and “dire” and “economic horror story” — and suggested that perhaps the county could start stockpiling tax revenues and considering alternative uses for the plant site. Both good ideas, but obviously not enough to counter the loss of this “huge contributor to the Central Coast economy.”

Clean Energy Made Easy

NewTimes mentions SLO Clean Energy in an article published in the August 22nd edition.

Paso Robles City Council Presentation

SLO Clean Energy Presents Community Choice Aggregation to Local City Councils. Paso Robles Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013 @7:30pm.